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Here are some topics I love chatting about:

  • How to translate REAL authenticity into all aspects of your brand including websites, social media profiles, and marketing materials so they always look, sound, and *feel* exactly right
  • How to create kick-ass content that lets ideal clients get to know, trust, and fall in LOVE even faster to increase sales like crazy 
  • What the heck are Brand Archetypes + how to use them to attract the RIGHT kind of clients and create powerful emotional connections with them
  • Creating a consistent and cohesive, high-end experience across every single touch-point with your brand through systems and automation (without losing your sanity) 

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The oh-fficial bio

Brooke Logan is your friendly neighborhood Brand Strategist. She’s currently sporting a degree in graphic & web design with over 20 years’ experience (that’s right, she started using Photoshop in 3rd grade, baby), degrees in marketing & human behavior, and 7+ years in corporate branding & communications before she ditched the cube forever to strike out her my own for good.

Now through her company Filament Branding, she helps her clients define their unique voice and message, stand out BOLDLY online, and attract their ideal clients like a freakin’ magnet by humanizing their brands with more personality.

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