Love notes

 Love notes

You guys… I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing humans to have ever existed. And I’m so not a crier, but this page gets me, y’all. I’m so grateful.

I love every single one of you. Really.

Brooke took my vision and created a masterpiece. She has a true talent for capturing my voice then translating it into a unique brand and messaging. She totally nailed it! I’m excited, and extremely proud, to share it with the world!”

Allison Greco,

First off – I actually received value from working with Brooke before I even got on the phone with her. Her own brand, including everything from her website, to the Brand Archetype Guide, to the email correspondence I received throughout the whole process, shows the depth and width that she has explored and mastered this area of expertise. That said, on the phone she was just as knowledgeable.
I came into the call with a hazy goal about defining my niche, and we actually resolved that pretty quickly. This left a large chunk of time where she allowed me to pick her brain about launching my business as a Life Coach. This was a valuable investment for me and I look forward to working with Brooke again!”

Amy F. Aurore,

Kristi Rae

Business Identity Coach

Petra Steinacher

Productivity and Organization Specialist

The session was great and Brooke definitely gave me something to think about when it came to taking the next step in my business. Talking to her made me realize I was focusing on the wrong things in my business and I will definitely be going another step further to work with her because she truly knows her stuff. And she’s also a breath of fresh air compared to what I’ve been interacting with online. I would send folks to Brooke (actually already talking her up to people)!”

Latoya Garrett, The Storyologist

“I loved working with Brooke! She did an amazing job of really getting into what it was that I needed and wanted and asked me the tough questions that really made me think (THANK YOU!). She was able to help me with brand clarity and direction AND building a website, which was so awesome and time saving. She is so easy to talk to and professional and I would definitely work with her again.”

Megan Naasz,

Britt Westfall

Career Clarity and Confidence Coach

Chrystal Lofton

Health & Vitality Coach

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“I had my doubts about what value I could gain from just talking to a stranger about my business, but it has been the absolute best decision of my life. Brooke’s ability to pinpoint exactly what I’m trying to communicate (and call me on the things I am avoiding) has been instrumental in bringing me the clarity I need to communicate with my clients. Working with Brooke has made me braver and more confident in my own abilities – she’s helped me transform my fears into strengths that actually define my brand and attract the right clients. As I move forward into a business model of providing writing coach services to others, I’m incredibly glad I have Brooke as a role model. She has a combination of friendliness, professionalism, and solid know-how that I can only hope to emulate.”

Tanya Schofield,

“I can’t praise Brooke and her Brand Boldly program enough!

I am making the transition from attracting students as a guest speaker at Mind, Body and Spirit events to being online, I am an absolute novice and a techno-twit to boot 🙂 I also have needs that are quite kooky and not typical; I have been successfully self-employed all my life so I don’t have blocks and fears to unearth in that department, but I do fall down with design, copywriting and the entire social media thing generally i.e. building my list, creating a funnel, placing an ad, starting my group.

Brooke has been an absolute Godsend and an angel, she calls me out when I need it, which for me is the greatest gift I could hope for but she is also supportive, imaginative, creative and above all she listens.

My work is quite unique but she gets it, the thing I love most about working with Brooke is being held accountable, it feels fantastic to have an action plan, (no more procrastinating – yay!) and when I don’t always get it straight away she is there with humour, support and calm.

Brooke has got the combination of professionalism and earthiness down to a fine art.”

Rebecca D’Amato,

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