Brooke Lowman

A few things I’m extremely proud to have accomplished.

Global Experience in Multiple Industries

I’ve done business
with customers in:

USA Canada
Mexico  Australia
 Japan  Germany
 Norway  Austria
 Portugal  RSA

I’ve worked
with businesses in:

Tech / Innovation Oil / Gas
Health / Wellness Publishing
Coaching Arts / Media
PLUS – I’m a fast learner and love learning in new spaces!  

10 Countries

(and counting)

6 Industries

(and growing)

Up to 64% Conversion Rates

Top of funnel opt-in pages have gotten consistently great conversions as high as 64% to a cold audience for online events, eBooks, trainings, quizzes, and more.

Higher CTRs

More Leads

157% Average Audience Growth Month Over Month

By owning the tactical hands-on delivery of inbound marketing pipelines, I’ve grown audiences in combined social and email platforms using a blend of content, events, and digital strategies.

Social Growth

Email Growth

Intersection of Creative and Strategy

I love thinking holistically about the brand and working across every facet of identity and marketing. My combination of experience in marketing strategy and design implementation help me bring the brand to life.

BSBA in Marketing

AAS in Graphic Design

Effective strategy devlopment requires both a “thinker” and a “doer” – I’ll give you both.

My entrepreneurial mindset allows me to easily flex between high-level strategy and deep execution and devise a creative approach to solving ambiguous problems.

Collapse each section to see my personal contributions to each of these marketing efforts.

Your marketing strategy pairs perfectly with your visual design strategy.

Graphic design was my first love (my mom taught me Photoshop in 3rd grade!) and I love being able to pair those skills with a bigger vision in marketing and brand growth campaigns.

These days, I primarily put these skills to use establishing brand guidelines and ensuring the integrity of the brand is upheld across every touchpoint.

I’ve worked with solo entrepreneurs, SMB’s,global fortune 500 companies and everything in-between.

Developed 0 brand identities
Built 0 websites

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Do our core values align?

Here’s what I believe… most people at this level will be is qualified and have great experience. They’ll check the majority of your boxes.

But who we are as a person is what truly sets us apart.

If you feel like these values are in alignment with your organization, then we’ll bea great fit!


Always Keep the Door Open

Humans want to feel seen, heard, and understood, whether you’re talking about marketing strategy or inside your own team. Prioritizing an open-door policy is key to effective communication and building effective cross-fuctional teams.

The Path to Profitability

Numbers and analytics are the holy grail of marketing. Focus on identifying gaps and optimizing existing systems before you throw the baby out with the bath water – knowing what numbers matter and how to adjust accordingly leads to higher efficiency and more profitability.

Don’t Sit Around Waiting…

Be proactive and accountable for your work. Saying “I don’t know (but I’ll get back to you)” is much preferred to sitting around waiting for someone to tell you exactly what to do and how to do it. Take the initiative, ask for help if needed, and figure it out.

Take (Calculated) Action Faster

The best laid plans mean nothing if they forever live in a spreadsheet and never see the light of day. A calculated failure that teaches you a lesson is powerful and you can’t course correct until you put something out there.

Diversity is What REALLY Makes the Dream Work

No one else can be YOU. The more unique ideas, perspectives, and experiences, the better the outcome will always be. My goal is to foster belonging and empowerment at work to create an inclusive culture of creativity. 

Is our marketingphilosophy in alignment?

Step 1
Step 1


I’m a creative person so it’s easy for me to see your “big picture” vision, but my greatest strength lies in my ability to reverse engineer projects to completion. I’m a skilled non-linear thinker and can break down projects into manageable tasks to be completed on time.

Step 2
Step 2


Building powerful brands that connect with their audience is my bread and butter. What sets me apart is my skill in strategic marketing paired with my technical abilities in graphic and web design. I have extensive experience with creating marketing campaings and design/web myself, as well as overseeing teams with marketing, design, and website implementation.

Step 3
Step 3


Since marketing strategies require constant maintenance and analytics, it’s important to know how to read data and make adjustments accordingly. Luckily, I’m a rare blend of creative artistry and analytical nerdiness and I’ve been praised time and again for my color-coded spreadsheets.

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